Rigging services of Fresh logistics company

Нам доверяют выполнение погрузо-разгрузочных и такелажных работ на ответственных проектах, где стоимость ошибки измеряется десятками миллионов рублей.
Since 2007, our company has been successfully engaged in cargo handling and rigging works using up-to-date precision and high-tech equipment:
- metal-cutting machines, equipment for metal processing, industrial robotics;
- manufacturing equipment for various industries;
- equipment for manufacture of electronic and microelectronic products, optical and laser systems;
- research and test equipment;
- equipment for manufacture of medical products, pharmaceutical items and biotechnology;
- we perform works in “clean premises” with microelectronic and pharmaceutical equipment.
        We carry out cargo handling and rigging works both using separate units of equipment and with lots of equipment in investment projects of creation of new industrial facilities:
- unloading equipment from trucks;
- lifting equipment to various floors of buildings, setting on foundation, descending to pits;
- moving equipment to place of installation, unpacking, installation in place of operation, assistance in assembly and other related works.
        We perform works in all cities of the Central Federal District (Central Russia). To date, we have successfully processed more than 1,850 units of equipment worth more than $80 million for many government and defense entities and commercial customers. Special attention is paid to the safety of expensive equipment, we offer “turnkey” solutions.  
        We work in the Russian realities, with the successful performance of works depending on many factors, including actions (and inactions) of state bodies, other people and organizations, and in the absence of developed infrastructure.
        Our experience allows us to successfully perform cargo handling and rigging works and overcome obstacles, ensuring complete safety of the handled technically complex and expensive equipment.
        The basis of success is the careful preparation for works in order to minimize possible risks, as well as the use of in-house lifting equipment and our experienced staff.
        The financial protection is provided by insuring equipment for the amount of up to 110% of its value in insurance companies with the highest ratings of financial reliability.
        You have an important project, and the cost of errors is measured in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars?
        Contact our experts and get professional advice on cargo handling and rigging of high-tech expensive equipment in Russia. We will be glad to help you and answer all your questions.